Below are just a few comments about working with Bjørn:


Beth – Seattle, WA

“Bjorn inspires clarity. He is skilled in convening conversations that go to the heart of what is needed. Bjorn combines a large tool kit of organizational skills with a sophisticated justice analysis, guided by astute discernment and integrity: a grounded, warm, effective presence. I’ve observed Bjorn lead groups of divergent opinions into a common agreement. I’ve experienced him introducing formal methodologies with personal stories that opened hearts and minds. I’ve valued his input as a colleague, a friendly and helpful outside eye. From communication strategies to copy editing, from relational methodologies to agenda building, Bjorn leaves each encounter having added value, moved the organization ahead in its journey into vibrantly realized mission.”


Robert – Phoenix, AZ

Bjørn at Arizona State University

“Bjørn is a strong leader, visionary, problem solver and connector. He’s able to bring together diverse groups of leaders to address difficult issues and to move forward innovative initiatives.”


Tiffanie – Tahlequah, OK

“Bjørn is a brilliant scholar, a dedicated community organizer and a visionary leader. His written works are thought-provoking and ground breaking in the area of radical community development. I have had the privilege of attending a conference he co-organized that convened many stakeholders from around the state to participate in social justice workshops and participatory dialogue (Gathering Justice). Bjørn was an engaging leader in his facilitation of these workshops where community activists, non-profits, students, academics, government officials, etc. had the opportunity to come together for very timely and relevant discussions.”


Stephanie – Seattle, WA

“It’s a delight working with Bjorn in a consultative setting with an organization. His calm and approachable demeanor sets everyone at ease – even where there are differences in perspectives or even tension within a group. He is insightful and extremely well read – he is one of the few people I know who quote books in a way that’s actually helpful and not self-aggrandizing. I think he is so effective because he is grounded in his commitment to social justice and intentional about how he lives his life in relationship with others. Since he’s done the hard work himself, he can help others get the courage and tools to do that hard work themselves.”


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