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Amplify is all about building the capacity, strengths, practices, and aspirations of nonprofit, civic, and grassroots groups. This is accomplished through in-depth understanding, analysis, creativity, synthesis, and planning. Whether coaching an individual leader, facilitating strategic planning, or evaluating a program, context is everything to Amplify.

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Amplify evaluative services are built upon qualitative-interpretive research methods complimented by a large toolbox of innovative approaches for description and analysis. Whether evaluating a program, an organizational system, or a customized project, Amplify is highly attentive to the situated and contextual nature of your organization and its work. Therefore, each evaluative tool is constructed in consultation with organizational leadership in order to document the outcomes that truly matter to you and your stakeholders.

Strategic Planning:

A mission statement is not enough. At the heart of strategic planning is a keen sense of the philosophy of change an organization presumes, the values that animate the aspirational vision, and an outline of the journey the organization plans to take in pursuit of its goals. Amplify can offer your group, organization, or collective the skilled facilitation to convene the inclusive, dynamic, and substantive dialogue required to forge such a plan.


Fundraising, grant writing, volunteer management, civic engagement, and strategic communication – resource development takes coordination on many fronts. Amplify takes a systematic approach to assessing, planning, and implementing strategies that embody the philosophy of change and values that animate your organization. An integrated plan attends to the many facets of resource development, not as a siloed compartment, but woven throughout an organization’s systems.


Whether designing curriculum for youth or adults, creating a comprehensive pedagogical approach based on organizational values, or integrating learning outcomes into existing programs – Amplify has the expertise to assist your educational development. Amplify consultants have experience creating and implementing curriculum in a multitude of settings and formats, including online, interactive, and cross-cultural.


Whether in a new position of leadership or a seasoned executive, the value of a confidant is hard to overstate. A confidant who offers in-depth analysis, practical advice, and insight from personal leadership experience is well worth the investment. Schedule a complimentary initial meeting to see if Amplify coaching is right for you.

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Bjørn Peterson, Ph.D. Principal | Senior ConsultantBjørn Peterson, Ph.D.

Principal | Senior Consultant

With 17+ years in nonprofit and public leadership, Bjørn brings a wealth of experience as a consultant, researcher, and organizational director. He is an international practitioner-scholar and expert in cutting-edge leadership development, community pedagogy, and best practices for social and organizational transformation. His warm, nonanxious presence contributes to his reputation as a talented facilitator and compassionate coach. He has been fortunate enough to engage in community-based work on six continents and Oceania, and has a passion for intercultural competency. Bjørn has a Ph.D. in Community Resources and Development from Arizona State University and a M.A. in Transformational Leadership from Seattle University.

Elise Peterson Associate ConsultantElise Peterson

Associate Consultant

Elise is a versatile fundraising and communications expert with more than 10 years of distinguished performance across multiple sectors. She specializes in the creation and implementation of donor-centric fundraising plans that increase donor retention and build constituent loyalty. Her experience includes work with every size organization, from nonprofit start-ups to major universities. She is a talented marketer and designer with expertise in social media. Elise graduated from the Robert D. Clark Honors College at the University of Oregon with a B.A. in Religious Studies and has a diploma in Digital Design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

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